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alaižed (s. mon.)

  • (Written Ludic) alaiž/ed, -iden, -id
  • (Southern Ludic) alaaž/ed, -iin, -iid
  • (Middle Ludic) alaiž/ed ~ -et (RKS), -id
  • (Northern Ludic) alaiž/ed, -ižiden, -ižid


  • (Russian) варежки
  • (Russian) варежка
  • (Finnish) lapaset
  • (Finnish) villarukkaset
  • (Finnish) lapanen
  • (Finnish) villakintaat


  • (Written Ludic) kädeh pandah alaižed
  • (Russian) на руки одевают варежки
  • (Southern Ludic) kädehe panoba kindhad l’ibo alaažed
  • (Russian) одевают на руки варежки или рукавицы
  • (Finnish) pannaan käteen kintaat tai lapaset
  • (Southern Ludic) kudoda alaažiid (PN)
  • (Russian) вязать варежки
  • (Finnish) neuloa villarukkasia

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